Thursday, April 30, 2009

Music: Royalty of Witches?

Once upon a time there was a Royal Family of Witches...Here's the Queen:

...and Here's the King:

You might know Capracara from his previous work on Soul Jazz, but now on DFA it's kinda like the big leagues and frankly this new 12" does not disappoint. The Original is like Kraftwerk with more cow bell and a degree in House Music, but like on all DFA releases, it's an instant "flip it over" to the 45rpm side. Rub N Tug give "King of Witches" the disco re-rub and yes, it's good in case you were really wondering. Like Happy House...good luck finding a copy if you sleep on it. So you know the drill, head over to turntablelab (or Newbury Comics) and grab it while you can. This one's Manifest Destitute Guaranteed...

Capracara - King of Witches (Age of Steam Edit)

ps: Speaking of Rub N Tug, they did a killer mix for Tim Sweeney's Beats in Space a couple of Days ago. If their debut album is as good as their remixes and edits, then i think we'll have a best of 2009 in the works...Listen to their BIS Set Here!