Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Music/Event: Blackstrobe Lights at Hearthrob!

This is a blast from the past for us here at Manifest Destitute. Back when we discovered Output Recordings, Blackstrobe was perhaps our favorite artist in Trevor Jackson's Label. Not to discredit any of the other ground breaking artists on the Roster, but Arnaud Rebotini and Ivan Smagghe's group was the only one with a true vision for the dancefloor. A dancefloor with girls in fishnets and possibly very-high heels all wrapped up in latex and leather. Their Single Me & Madonna captured my heart the first time I heard it. It channeled everything I loved about electric music and what sounded like Peter Hook's Bass. Truly remarkable. So remarkable in fact I think Stuart Price might have built a remixing career based on that particular song about her Madgesty...Regardless...Even their Single on Kitsune (Italian Fireflies) was fantastic. A true throwback to the 80's electro. What else to say though...I can't sit here and review every track they ever made, but i can tell you this: Head over to Cambridge tonight and Catch a very Special DJ set by Arnaud Rebotini of Blackstrobe...Dancing as usual is guaranteed. (and don't forget to make yourself photogenic- it's Hearthrob that you are going to after all...)

Blackstrobe - Me & Madonna

Blackstrobe - Italian Fireflies

The Rapture - Sister Saviour (Blackstrobe Remix)