Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Music: 6th Borough Project Does It To The Max!

So a week or so ago...Gwen of fibrevolution was kind enough to go with me to Goodlife (even though she was/is still getting over one of those Late Spring/early summer colds).

Towards the end of his set, Tim Sweeney Let "Alarm" blend into oblivion into one of the funkiest tracks I've heard all year. As Gwen and I kept bumping our heads I said too her: "Oh Snap! I know this track...wait for the "Uhhn!!!" that sounds Like James Brown. She smiled as soon as the ultra loud sound system downstairs framed that "Uhhn!!!" So yes folks, you too can impress a girl with your useless knowledge of Music thanks to Beats in Space, and a little bit of luck. Jokes apart, the track in question was the Revenge/6th Borough Project's "Do It To The Max" (now on Instruments Of Rapture) and it indeed brings it to the Max...not quite to 11 but maybe just a solid 10 (which let's face it, is as much as we could handle anyway!)

6th Borough Project - Do It To The Max (Instruments Of Rapture) Buy Here or Here

Catch the Revenge and their recent 'beats in space' mix here!