Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Music: Holy Ghost! Comes Back!

Thinking back...Our first proper music review/rant on this blog came a couple years ago when these duo of New Yorkers released "Hold On" on DFA. Around the same time they played at the AKult Disco here in Boston's own Goodlife Bar. It was a packed house and quite a memorable one for me because it was the same day of the Dondi White Sneaker Release at Bodega. But to be honest the best memory of that night was the morning after, waking up in Chinatown to a massive New England Snow Storm. But let's talk music, and in this case Video. Like it wasn't enough that we love Holy Ghost! in this blog, the little bastards go right ahead all Tarantino-Style (frame by frame) and re-make New Order's Classic "Confusion" Video. Shit...even Arthur Baker makes a freaking Cameo. What Can I say, the kids know what they are doing and they are doing it right. Pleasantly enough too was the Cameo by Nancy Whang. Good Video...Good song...Good Day. Go Check the whole story on this song here!

Holy Ghost - I Will Come Back

New Order - Confusion