Friday, August 7, 2009

Music: God Bless the punk edition!

Bush Tetras....great band! Anyone who's known me since I got my first DJ gear, can probably attest that I wasn't spinning the latest House tunes but rather some pretty noisy stuff. From Gang of Four to James Chance, ESG was probably the most Dance-floor thing I played. Thank God for the Rapture and the Blessing that was "House of Jealous Lovers". That track was always my transition record to the lovely world of electronic dance music. The years have past and my post punk records have been collecting dust. For years I was a closet Disco collector with House music nostalgia. Today it finally all seems to be OK to tell people you play Disco. Shit...It might even be a new trend. In this quest to play dance music regardless of genre, I'm finally starting to see some real creativity and possibilities to play tracks that would have otherwise- like my bush tetra LP- just collect dust. And this is however the point of today. GOD BLESS THE EDIT!!! It's worked for Disco and now it's come back full-circle for me with edits like the Burglar Tom revision of Bush Tetras' Snakes Crawl. Leave it to those Brits to re-invent the wheel...Brilliant. It's really made me feel confident that no longer you need a specific crowd to play certain records...and perhaps most people and most DJ's don't see that as a problem, but for me is always been somewhat of an impediment. I'm glad we have The Glow and some similar nights around town now, where it seems that music is starting to take center stage over the scenes. In the mean time, check this edit. Perhaps already old for some of you edits connoisseurs, it felt appropriate to share with you today, this little piece of the past/present.

Bush Tetras - Snakes Crawl (Burglar Tom Edit)

Sorry for the YouTube Video...I felt too lazy to rip the Original from Vinyl. (Brother's gotta sleep once in a while)