Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Music: Morgan Geist makes it good mix!

Morgan Geist of Metro Area -who was recently brought to Boston by our friends of "Where's the love" - has done the latest mix of the now classic "We Make it Good" Series. (Don't forget to check out Chris Devlin's if you haven't yet) Here's what he had to say:

“This little mix is obviously inspired by the original Cosmic DJs (Baldelli) and innovative DJs of (or nearer to) my own generation, like DJ Harvey and Daniel Wang. I made sure to include some records that I thought I “discovered” on my own, only to hear them played by other (better) DJs who probably knew about them a lot longer than I did. Parallel evolution is a bitch, but I didn’t want to abandon these beloved tracks just because they were “marked” by another DJ. For example, most DJs who know the Transfer Station Blue track associate it with Sarcastic Disco, the infamous and beautiful Harvey mix – yet I believe I got my first copy of it from my departed friend, Barry Lederer, and associate it with digging and listening and learning in his dusty old apartment on 24th Street in Manhattan. I find Harvey inspirational, but don’t want my own Barry-nostalgia supplanted. I realize it sounds corny, but sometimes you have to reclaim music that is important to you, and that’s what a lot of this mix is about for me. – Morgan Geist (Environ, Unclassics, Metro Area)”

Download: Morgan Geist - We Make it Good Vol.10