Saturday, October 3, 2009

Art Show: Future Complex by SKRIPT

Our Dear Friend Julian Guzman (AKA Skript) is one of Boston's finest emerging artists. His work brings elements that quite ordinarily would seem to clash or better yet, deemed "not acceptable" in this town. The combination of his love of architecture and the 'line' seems to be at ease with the wild and challenging nature of spray paint and graffiti. His ability to control his medium is as sharp as the x-acto blades he uses to cut his stencils. Perhaps it's his background in Architecture that defines his technique, but While Artists today use technology to aid them in the process traditional art, Skript uses technology in the same way an architect would use it to design. I'm not going to spoil the surprise (as you need to see it in person), but there was a laser cutter used in the process of some of his recent work. That said, here is what the man himself had to say about this show:

“This series of work deals with the daunting task of deciphering the future and revealing what it holds. Each piece starts as a blank surface awaiting its fate of ink line-work. The line-work is a spontaneous act of fluidity. One line is laid down and another is added to it like a city grid growing streets as a means of necessity… Color and stenciled imagery are organically infused to these streets the give character to each city. Each piece acts as its own borough conveying different commentary on our very own complex futures.”

And While I would never say this to his face, "Artist" is a loose title for him. Skript is in many ways a Designer of Visual Landscapes and Urban Typologies. Somehow I'm pretty sure he'd be ok with that description.

So If you are in the Boston Area, please visit the Chorus Gallery curated every month by Open Bicycle.

Chorus Gallery Presents: SKRIPT

285 Washington Street #18
Somerville, MA 02143
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