Thursday, January 3, 2008

Design: Pussy and Papers, Poetry, Power and Pistols Book!!!

So I got a lot of awesome stuff for Christmas, and among these was a book I was not expecting. A special Colombian friend got me this little piece of awesome. I'm pretty sure he has no idea how awesome this book really is but I'm glad he thought of me when he got it. Although this book is a retrospective of over 500 t-shirt designs by Kevin Lyons, this book is way more than that. Not only does it tell us the story of the early days of streetwear, but it shows us how influential his work has been on the independent music and clothing worlds. I mean, this guy was art director at Stussy not to mention all the graphic work he's done for Supreme, aNYthing, Huf and Ssur!!! (All brands people are still drooling about). As an aspiring designer, I am in awe of the work here, flipping page after page and thinking: "what, he did that too?" Shit, The book design itself kicks Mike Tyson's ass!!! If you get a chance, check the fake library card in the back, It will make reconsider how you present your resume. Over 200 pages of awesome shit, this book is Manifest Destitute recommended. p.s: Thanks Andres!!!

Yeah That's right...over 500 t-shirts!!!

Jordan T-shirt: Check
Supreme T-Shirt: Check
Stussy T-Shirt: Check... and the list goes on and on.