Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sports: Undefeated!!!

I know it's a little too late to post about this, but since everyone is still ranting about it, well I will too. Not only did the Patriots end the regular season undefeated (16-0), but they also broke all sorts of NFL Records. The best part of it is that as a Bostonian, this shit is kinda important to us, and granted I don't know a damn thing about football but it's still fun to scream at dive bars and get hugged by random ass drunk people. Also...it's nice to know that Tom Brady is not the all-American boy no mo'. He's all like bangin' Brazilian super models and paying child support while flashing Superbowl bling. Way to be Gangsta' Brady....way to be Gangsta'.

Lynn: Tam's nicest Bartender

One the most talented Baby's Daddies in the NFL.