Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Film: Danny Trejo is Da Man!!!

In case you're not familiar with Mr. Danny Trejo, He's the Baddest Mexican this side of the Border. Really, I triple dare you to IMDb him!!! Anyways...if you watched the latest flop that was Tarantino's Death Proof, you might however remember MACHETE. Apparently the movie is now going to be released because everyone has being begging Robert Rodriguez to make it a feature film. Sources say Even the Weinsteins approved the project but we'll see. Honestly, I can't wait for this to come true... but till then, enjoy these trailers (oh yes, the one in spanish too!!!) If you are a native speaker of el EspaƱol (and are not from Spain), you might get a kick out of it...It's too ridiculoso!!!

Yes...this shit is Dope!!!