Monday, February 18, 2008

Music: Soulwax on the Telly/ Knight Rider flops!

Last night we stayed home and watched in good company, the "Made-for-TV-movie-premiere" event that was Knight Rider. I'm really pressed to say that this remake for the "Google generation" did not work and quite frankly I would have rather seen David Hasselhoff starring in..."Knight Rider: The AA years" OR "Knight Rider: The Viagra Chronicles." Seriously...why not just make a remake of Baywatch? Babes in Bikinis never go out of style (unless you were not gay in the 90's and came out of the closet because of Queer eye for the Straight Guy... you get the point.)

In any case the real point of this post was to show that British TV is way cooler than ours. While were get stuck with American Gladiators (yet another re-make..that i secretly love), the BBC decides to show a whole feature on the "awesome Remix aficionados" that are Soulwax. You might know them from remixing everyone and their mother and if you know me well then you know that I own most of their remixes on vinyl. I'll give you a hint, I always play the one that has the "funky town" sample. What's fantastic about them is that they are (among with a few others), the maximum endorsers of playing electronic/dance music live in that "KC & the Sunshine band" way. For those who missed the chance to own such can purchase them in this "made for those who slept on it" compilation. You can try Newbury Comics, but i think the girl that works there already bought the copy...Moral of the story: DON"T SLEEP ON STUFF!!!

Oh wait...this from a show called The Culture Show? Damn Educated Brits and their awesome Telly!!!