Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Music: My Dirty Little Secret (AKA The Biggest Rant of the week)

Do you know that feeling when something gets so overplayed and yet you just can't get enough of it and you're too embarrassed to tell anyone? Well people, I have something to confess. I think I'm in love with that song "Calabria". Yes, her and all her bastard children. I don't know what to do. The song is too damn catchy. Last week at the Enormous Room I was talking to BREK.ONE about this very track (and I didn't catch him, but he probably rolled his eyes and felt very sorry for me). Him being a DJ with a memory like wikipedia, was able to tell me in .01 seconds the name of of the song which had been bugging me for months (and has since then become a youtube sensation). I knew it sampled an old Ibiza-type House track but the name always escaped me. People... in 2003 I was still listening to Electroclash (yes...another dirty secret exposed) and had no interest whatsoever about what was happening in normal people's clubs. So there you have it....i feel like I'm about to lose my reputation over this. But really, when a song has such a good beat and those hypnotic horns... there is nothing you can do but surrender, put on a button up shirt, slap in some gel, put on some khakis and go party at Avalon with the rest of your Fraternity and Tom Brady. Fun fact...I lived in Italy for most of my teenage years so call me Eurotrash if you must, and while i did not live in Calabria, I would like to go and visit with this song on my ipod.

Rune - Calabria (AKA the OG version)

Alex Gaudino - Destination Calabria
Pitbull ft. Lil' John's flawless Spanish - The Anthem

Which one is better? I think it's quite obvious: "esa morena esta sabrosa, y cuando tu la tocas, ella se vuelve loca!"

ps: BREK.ONE will be this weekend at The Re-Up Store to spin the Sneaktip v.s DunkXchange event. If you love your kicks, I'm sure you won't miss it. See ya there!