Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Music: Bobmo + Surkin

You know you have a good Record when you can play all 3 cuts in one DJ set. Let's face it, this is usually a hard task since most remixes in the 12" usually serve as unnecessary filler. Well, that's not the case with Bobmo's 300%. Out now on Paris Label Institubes, this 12" Record combines the "Good" of House, the "Bad" from Baltimore, and the "Ugly" from French Electro. A year ago when we first heard of Bobmo, I was shocked to learn the dude was only 17. An internet buddy of Surkin (19 and also on Institubes) these two great promises of French House are already crossing the Atlantic and destroying every dance floor on their path. Considering they were babies when we were listening to Daft Punk in the 90's, it's kind of funny to learn from interviews that they only listen to Ghetto-Tech and Chicago House labels like Dancemania and Trax. Lucky them, they technically missed the explosion of Drum&Bass in the late 90's, the crap that was UK garage, the really cheesy Ibiza House of the early 2000's not to mention all the washed up crap from Paul Oakenfold and the Trance scene. I mean, I could go on forever with this list. In any case, Institubes are a label that's here to stay. Shit, did I forget to say Bobmo + Surkin = High Powered Boys?

Bobmo - Rock The (institubes) Buy Here
Surkin - White Knight Two (institubes)

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