Monday, March 24, 2008

Shop: Parra @ Concepts Cambridge!!!

I stopped by Harvard Square on Sunday to see what was new, and to talk to our friends over at Concepts. I went to the OG Concepts first, and it's good to see that even with the new store open, the old spot is still holding it down. Lot's of Fresh new stuff from Stussy, Twelve Bar, Futura Labs, and obviously, the Latest from the Jordan Line. What was a real treat was to see the new Piet Parra Colab with Nike. This colab windrunner is part of the Running Man Series and comes in a black/ blue chill/ cherry colorway. Parra also runs the streetwear brand "Rockwell", but he's probably best known as an artist/ typographer for his twisted illustrations on album covers (Pase Rock, Teenage Bad Girl..) and flyers (Stones Throw). An underground sensation in Amsterdam, Parra has also received commercial success with his sold out gallery openings, and features in magazines like Arkitip and WAD. So, if you can't get a hold of his prints then go get yourself the windrunner and gear up for this spring. They might have the sneakers too, just ask Jimmy.

In any case, our friends at Concepts have been real busy this year with the opening of the new spot and it's nice to see how well the store came out. Now Carrying Visvim, Vintage Gucci, and limited edition Levis, the store is bound to become a boutique with international credentials. If you read the streetwear blogs, you probably know about their colabs with Recon, False, The Hundreds, New Balance and Clarks. Well, Expect more to come though...I hear there's some great things lined up for the summer. And don't forget to go to their "pre-launch" party this Friday at Z-square in... yes you guessed it, Harvard Square.