Monday, March 3, 2008

Music: Nine Inch Nails just hit me with a curve ball!!!

I didn't sleep last night so this might be a delirious rant but i hope it isn't. I've been a fan of the nine inch nails since Trent Reznor had long hair, looked heroin chic and had a kind of "Morrissey" type of relationship with Marilyn Manson. In any case, Reznor's career has sort of been the shadow of the monster it was in the 90's. Even when the fragile came out in '99 to some critical acclaim, it never translated into money. It was a rough period in music and every other kid was listening that friggin' nookie song. me the fragile was perhaps the most beautiful thing I had listen to while in High School and to this day I'd consider it a musical achievement/risk that I don't think many artists have taken since Radiohead went electronic. Although the last two albums weren't bad, it just felt like he wanted to relate to all the new hipster kids in them skinny pants. A DFA remix can do wonders and give you mad indie cred, but It just wasn't enough. Plus, I realize we are going to some rough stuff with the war, but Reznor also just happened to go all political on us. Frankly I blame the steroids. Seriously have you seen the guy lately? He looks like Jose Canseco's triplet...He looks like the kind of guy who could snap Hulk Hogan in a second...He looks like the kind of guy who'd be stuck in a bathroom with the New York Yankees!!! (yes...I write for David Letterman!)

And here is where the rant ends.... it ends like a fairy tale. I heard on Italian Radio (which is awfully commercial) that there was a new album coming out, and immediately went to Yes people, there is a new album. It's entitled "Ghost" and it's split into four volumes. This is where the curve ball hit me. It's 36 instrumental tracks recorded over a period of 10 weeks. "This collection of music is the result of working from a very visual perspective - dressing imagined locations and scenarios with sound and texture; a soundtrack for daydreams"

Honestly i thought this might be another flop, and i know that people might not give it the chance it deserves, but you should, because it's the best thing that I've heard in a while. It might not come obvious, but Trent Reznor is a 1st class Musician. The type of perfectionist who takes 5 years to release and album because the mixing was not flawless or fires his whole band because they sound old. I am satisfied to say though, that while some Artists just keep trying to have a "comeback album" produced by Timbaland or Pharrell it does nothing to hide the fact that they are washed up messes. Yes... I love Madonna too, but I'm just not gonna hang around to hear her Justice Produced album in 2010? Old people...please retire!!! Trent Reznor, you are serious musician with integrity, Keep doin' ya thang son! this a concert or did I just get tickets for a Gun Show?

Download the free 9 track EP here!
Also... be sure to buy Saul William's Trent Produced album "
The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust" it's $5 bucks you cheap skates!!!