Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Music: "Last Night" is like looking back at Moby

Remember that scene in 24 hour party people when they are talking about the drug problem at The Hacienda? If you pay attention you might recognize that the track on the background was Moby's "Go". Most of you might be too young to remember this one, and Jesus, why should you it's been 17 years since that song came out. Frankly it almost makes me freak out about my own age. "Go" was already a couple of years old when I taped it off the radio in 1993 in my now vintage and broken walkman. Maybe it was because i was so in love with his early House stuff that i didn't really bother paying attention to Play and the records that came later but I like dance music and Play to me was more like a soundtrack to my Starbucks experience.

In any case, I think Moby has since then been nostalgic for the Dancefloor as some of his recent singles (lift me up, NY NY) have shown. His new album also runs in this path and we love it. His sixth studio album "last night" will be out in April featuring a number of guest vocalists that include MC Grandmaster Caz, Sylvia from Kudu, Aynzli jones and SO Simple from the nigerian 419 squad. Apparently Moby wanted to make this album as a tribute to the NYC dance scene, condensing an "8hr night out into a 65 minute album".

I have to admit, I'm in love with "Disco Lies". The first time I heard it I thought it was a remix of an old track. So yes, Moby is back to his dance roots and back to the DJ booth (Check the Cheeky bastard nights at the Hiro Ballroom). Let's face it, this is a win-win situation! Don't foget to
download the "last night sampler" free from

Moby - Disco Lies (Mute) Buy Here or Here!

because it's hard to forget.