Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lazy Sunday: No Tears for the people of the night!

It was 1977 and although originally a San Francisco band, Tuxedomoon's electronic avant-garde soundscapes soon became a central part of New York's No Wave scene (as documented in "Downtown 81", a film centered around Jean-Michel Basquiat featuring performances by Blondie, James Chance, DNA and Tuxedomoon). Although the band has always been dedicated to experimental music, "No Tears", their 2nd single (1979), has remained an electro punk club classic to this day. Re-released in 2000 on DJ Hell's Gigolo Records, No Tears became an instant hit in an underground electro scene fueled by Punk antics. Despite a series of Remixes done to re-introduce the classic, the original track stands strong and a true "classic" of the No Wave movement.

Tuxedomoon Live at Glenn O'Brien's "Uber-Hipster" TV Party