Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Music: The Olympics are...Great Stuff!!!

I hope by now everyone has caught the Olympic fever in some way or another. And If you still don't know about Michael Phelps and his Major Olympic Bling, then you're probably hiding in a cave in Afghanistan. Seriously, 8 medals...that's insane!!! Well...what better way to celebrate the accomplishments of Olympians than by sharing some sweet sweet music. Great Stuff out of Germany has recently released a compilation titled "Great Summer Games Stuff" to celebrate the event and bring awareness to Human Rights. The Compilation includes 24 anthems by 24 artists from 24 different countries. For all those that are into tech-house and all the Minimal/Maximal stuff, then this compilation is right up your alley. The compilation has actually gotten some real good reviews by people like Laurent Garnier, Tocadisco and Adam Freeland so you know it's gotta be good. "Great Summer Games Stuff" is now available on Beatport and on CD via Amazon. (To Listen to the tracks click on the links)

Listen: Great Summer Games Stuff CD 1
Listen: Great Summer Games Stuff CD 2

ps: Thanks again to Carmine P. Filthy @ Low Life Inc. for the package!!!