Saturday, December 6, 2008

Music: I was caught In Flagranti!!! (Meaow)

...No not really but we did catch the In Flagranti bug and we can't rub it off. The Brooklyn duo has been making some really contemporary Disco at a time when the Disco Edit and retro vibes reign Supreme. No wonder the duo of Disco Virtuosos has been recently signed to Kitsune for the release of their 12" Single "Business Acumen"....and While Kitsune's been slacking lately, this release puts them back on track (at least for the time being) not to mention they've got Holy Ghosts to do a remix. Don't be fooled though, In Flagranti has been releasing material for years out of the label Codek and their Arsenal is strong enough to start a revolution. And If you read the Big Stereo Blog religiously like i do, you might have caught In flagranti's live set at Infatuation (from last May). if not, well here you go. "Business Acumen" out now on Kitsune. (Buy it here!)