Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lazy Sunday: There but for the grace of God go I

Growing up can be a bitch and sometimes I wonder about how I want to raise my own kids someday. However for some reason I am still grateful that I was raised in the City and not in suburbia. I'm sure it's lovely to have a backyard and a fence, but it's never been a life to commit to. Either way I don't wanna bum anyone out specially on a Lazy Sunday like today so let's focus on the Music...for the grace of God (hehe).

In 1979 Machine released an album with “There But For The Grace of God Go I”, one of the most misunderstood records of all time. Machine was basically a studio disco group put together by legendary producer August Darnell, a founding member of both Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band and Kid Creole And The Coconuts. This single, is probably one of the most remembered tracks by Machine, and one of Darnell's best productions. Although a track with an incredible thumping disco beat, this record caused all kinds of controversy when it came out, but if you follow the lyrics and listen to what the band is saying, it’s more of a criticism of existing intolerance than anything else. 30 years after the release of this track, We got Big O in the presidency!!! It's time to kick intolerance in the nuts and go marry a Mexican or somethin'.

Machine - The But For The Grace of God Go I

The lyrics for those who can't help but sing along...

Carlos and Carmen Vidal just had a child
A lovely girl with a crooked smile
Now they gotta split 'cause the Bronx ain't fit
For a kid to grow up in
Let's find a place they say, somewhere far away
With no blacks, no Jews and no gays

There but for the grace of God go I

Poppy and the family left the dirty streets
To find a quiet place overseas
And year after year the kid has to hear
The do's the don'ts and the dears
And when she's ten years old she digs that rock 'n' roll
But Poppy bans it from home


Baby, she turns out to be a natural freak
Popping pills and smoking weed
(this lyric was changed to: "Gaining weight and losing sleep")
And when she's sweet sixteen she packs her things and leaves
With a man she met on the street
Carmen starts to bawl, bangs her head to the wall
Too much love is worse than none at all


Alternative Version by Darnell as Kid Creole and the Coconuts.