Friday, January 9, 2009

Music: Sometimes I dream of C.O.M.B.I...and it's Lazy Sunday all over again!!!

Ok...I really like my girlfriend (she's awesome) but she's probably gonna be furious when she finds out all I've been thinking about this week is a super rare Disco Edit released by Japanese label C.O.M.B.I....The track "Mabakes" out of their newest 12" haunts me at night. I realize it's just an instrumental version of Boney M's "Ma Baker" but i feel like my life is incomplete without it. The saddest part about this story of obsession is the fact that I was so close to purchasing it from our favorite records store in NYC (turntable lab for those who don't read this blog)....but if I buy one thing I usually buy 10 more and then who's gonna pay my rent...Well, I've been searching the web for days and the record happens to be sold out almost everywhere. I even contacted a friend in Japan and no luck...only 6 shops in Tokyo actually carry the C.O.M.B.I releases. So what's so special about these records you may ask? Well, I couldn't really tell you in words. But if it means anything, the edits were done by Eric Duncan of Rub 'n Tug fame and hand delivered to the Lab personally (or so the story goes).
Anyways, After stalking these japanese dudes on their blog...all i can conclude is that they are the Meanest Cats (see the Ma Baker reference?) in the Disco Edit game. Riding around in their fixed gear bikes...hand delivering their records and t-shirts, they remind us of our friends over at Open Bicycle....but I digress.
Bottom line....I can't even find the MP3 on any blog so for now just enjoy the track straight out of their My Space page. So If anyone out there has this edit, Please share it with us...cause the chances of this record getting pressed again are as rare as Bill Clinton being president for the 3rd time...I think I'm gonna go cry now (and then I'll go online and look again). I need this in my ipod wicked bad...Wah!!!

ps: I don't even wanna mention their previous releases because my heart will start hurting...they are that good. But since we are that awesome we'll share this one with you that we found on the 20 funk jazz greats blog.

C.O.M.B.I. - It's a late (from Edits Vol.II)


Way back in 1974 West German record producer Frank Farian recorded an album under the Boney M moniker and found himself needing a group to perform during tv appearences. The group danced and pranced around lip-synching the hell out of the tracks. Eventually I believe the group began singing the songs produced by Farian, at least in the studio. Boney M went on to become one of the most succesful acts out of Germany during the Disco Era with hits such as "Ma Baker", "Daddy Cool", "Belfast", "Rasputin" and the really successful "Rivers of Babylon". Fun Fact, Frank Farian also produced Milli Vanilli. (....and you know the rest of the story)

She was the meanest cat/In old chicago town/She was the meanest cat/She really moved them down/She had no heart at all/No no no heart at all
Love the Dance!!!