Thursday, June 11, 2009

Event: Beats in Space invade the Boston!

Lately this blog seems to be suffering from an intense amount of Nostalgia for the early 2000's but how can you blame us. I still remember like it was yesterday the day I picked up my monthly copy of Muzik (the now defunct UK magazine) that included an amazing CD compilation by a still pretty unknown DFA records. Back then DFA had out a few releases of their own, and most of them through Trevor Jackson's Output. The Compilation not only included the early remixes by Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy, but the Sound and Charisma that has defined DFA Records. The CD was mixed to perfection by none other than Tim Sweeney who in case you didn't know already, will be Playing this Friday June 12th at Boston's own Good life Bar. We talk a lot about Sweeney's Radio Show "Beats in Space" in this blog so I'll spare you with the details...but do go check out BIS Radio Show #472 with Guest Maurice Fulton. A couple of months ago when he played here in Cambridge we had a great time...Dorking out on the Obscure Boogie tracks he was playing. Either way Head over to Goodlife this Friday as our friends Mark and Alex show us exactly "Where's the Love"! Having Tim Sweeney Can't hurt either i guess....

Where is the Love Presents: Tim Sweeney
w/ Alex From Queens, Mark Ingram & Scott Bliss
Friday June 12th 2009 @
The Goodlife Bar
28 Kingston Street
Boston, MA
RSVP: Here!