Thursday, June 30, 2011

Music: Ajello ft. Hard Ton - Chocolate Black Leather


Ajello has been around since the beginning of the actual "Italian" Italo Revival in the early 2000's and the good news is they are back with their second release on Danny Was A Drag King. Like the title didn't give it away, Chocolate Black Leather "is an orgy of vintage synths, bouncy bass and a sure winner for the Italo disco fans. To that one more touch of sleaze, Ajello enlisted "House Diva" Hard Ton to make that chocolate erupt. NYC "Disco Royalty" Brennan Green on the remix duties with just the right amount of 303 to send everything to "acid disco paradise". ACID DISCO PARADISE...we couldn't agree more.

Ajello feat Hard Ton - Chocolate Black Leather - Brennan Green Remix by Low Life Inc