Friday, July 1, 2011

Music: 33Hz - Under The Sun (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

"Sometimes the best way to start a movie is with the end credits. Under the Sun is kinda like that. It’s an ode to looking back at a beautiful day, a beautiful summer, or a beautiful life. It's the warm sensation of feeling complete, the hand you wave in the air, roof down, driving your 64 on a road to your next adventure. In musical terms, this means silky vocals flirting with your nostalgic senses, a warm bassline, gentle guitar licks, a caressing melody, and a lot of hope. It's sunny dream pop with a tear of rain".....that my friends was the press release. How could we compete with that? Jokes apart the song lends itself for a great Remix and for this, 33Hz enlists one of the top remixers in Disco. The Diskomiks is the guarantee that Prins Thomas is gonna deliver a floor stomper. While this might not come at the peak of the night, it is however the track you might end with...then look at that special someone, and know that it was a good summer night. It's's gonna be warm. You know the drill.
33Hz - Under The Sun - Prins Thomas Diskomiks by Low Life Inc