Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Music: Peach Melba - Can't Let Go


After the successful release of his DJ Kicks mix, It's almost safe to say Juan Maclean might be a little more than a house music aficionado and Peach Melba might be more than just a sweet reminder of what he sounds as a DJ. This might in fact be, "His Definition of House". Can't Let Go contains the elements of what contemporary House music is all about...an ode to yesterday with a foot in the future. In a world where we venerate the ghosts of Chicago & Detroit, it's so refreshing to discover that the vocals are the Product of Boston-Based Singer Amy Douglas and not "samples of sampled" Divas of the Past. In Short, while we are fans of Juan Maclean the "Band"...for now I think we want to be regular visitors of his "Maison"...and yes, that's French for HOUSE.

“Can’t Let Go” by Peach Melba available on 12″ July 18th via DFA Records.
Can't Let Go by DFA Records