Thursday, June 19, 2008

Music: Moby is guetting his street cred back.

Ok....this is gonna be a quick post cause i go to run downtown to watch the Celtics Parade!!! NBA Champions baby!!! Anyhow....Let's review Moby's career (in 3 seconds)

Moby in the 90's = RAVE Maestro!!!
Moby in the late 90's/early 00's = $ELL OUT! (but good for him and people who bought their CD at starbucks)
MOBY in '08 = DANCE MUSIC AFICIONADO with street Cred mothafuckas!!!

His new album was not appreciated by the music snobs over there, but here at Manifest Destitute Moby is always welcomed. His new single "I love to move in Here" is the Kind of Old Skool Hip-House revival track that makes you smile not because it's great but because it reminds you of the good ol' days when people where having fun dancing to the cheesiest of music (in bright ass apparel and people still said the word "DeFest" to describe something "ill"). Well...Moby is probably one of the greatest Connoisseurs of Dance Music today and his unique skill to spot good remixers is better now than ever. It probably has to do with the fact he's back to DJing in Brooklyn and hanging out with girls 20 years younger...(cheeky bastard!!!) Music: Drop the Lime's Alice is good (and current), Crookers remix of "I love to move in Here" is great booty shaking glory but Holy Ghosts remix of the same song just Hit it off the ball park for me. Disco greatness at its best. See pitchfork, Moby can do no wrong. o_O

Moby - I love to move in Here (Crookers Crack Remix)
Moby - I love to move in Here (Holy Ghost Remix)
Moby - Alice (Drop the Lime Remix)