Saturday, November 22, 2008

Music: Runaway...Live @ Akult (The complete Set)

Although our Friends Jacques and Marcos of Runaway are currently in Quebec sipping red wine (hopefully not from a pbr can this time) and probably over indulging on Poutine with Brennan Green, Let's not forget their memorable set at Akult from about a month or so ago. Although the night didn't end at the Goodlife Bar, here for y'all is the set that was played that day. Resident's Brenden Wesley and John Barrera provide the tunes on Part One, while the boys of Runway kill it on Part Two. If you missed the gig, well no worries. Here's some candy for you! Enjoy...

Runaway live @ Akult (10.18.08) Part 1
Runaway live @ Akult (10.18.08) Part 2